Actress Ishaa Kailaash Featuring In 3 Short Films with Different Characters


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 13: Three Short Films, “Sundari”, “Parampara”, and “She & He”, all are produced by Anil Kabra and are ready to release on well-known OTT platforms. Bollywood Actress Ishaa Kailaash played the lead character in “Sundari” and “Parampara” both films are female-oriented in different Genres. “Parampara” is a story which empowers women in our male dominating society. “Sundari” is a silent film in which an ordinary girl discovers her beauty when she meets a traveller. Besides this, Ishaa Kailaash also played a very strong lead character in “She & He”, directed by Pradeep Singrole, with a famous Bollywood actor Anil Charanjeett known for PK Movie and many other movies.

Actress Ishaa Kailaash has performed all three characters beautifully. Ishaa kailaash has also assisted famous Bollywood director Subhash Ghai in direction and writing.

 Actress Ishaa Kailaash, Producer Anil Kabra and his team are very excited because all three films are going to release very soon on well known OTT platform.