Avinash Ananda received the ‘World’s Leading Behavioral Expert & Motivational Speaker” Award 2022


August 15:  Avinash Ananda, hailed by his global corporate clients and the international media as Leadership & Happiness Guru, has received the ‘World’s Leading Behavioral Expert & Motivational Speaker” Award 2022.

Avinash Ananda has presented this prestigious award at the White Page International Leadership Conclave 2022 in Le Meridian, New Delhi, by Smt. Atishi Marlena Singh, honourable Member of Legislative Assembly, Government of Delhi.

Avinash Ananda is a world-renowned Leadership Advisor, Happiness Strategist,  Motivational Keynote Speaker, Master Behavioral Trainer, Success Mentor, Life Coach, Business Coach, Thought Leader, Author, Crises Counselor and Entrepreneur.

Avinash Ananda is the co-creator of Meta Mind Alignment, the revolutionary new science of Leadership and Happiness, and Alignment Coaching Transformation System, the transformational learning system for Human Potential Optimization. Avinash Anada has coached over 1000 Behavioral Trainers and trained over 700,000 people from all walks of life, including top executives from over 300 organizations from over 30 countries, across 15 industries in over 30 years in all aspects of behavioural sciences training. He has also impacted millions through his online classes and lectures.

 Avinash’s mission is to help individuals and organizations to lead themselves to reach their next level of success using happiness principles and strategies. This enables individuals and organizations to thrive and not just survive. This path of fulfilment naturally affects maximized productivity, optimized potential and enhanced quality of life. Avinash Ananda is the Founder and Director of the Global Academy of Meta Mind Alignment (GAMMA). This behavioural training organization is dedicated to researching and teaching the relationship between happiness, leadership, human potential optimization and productivity.

On winning this award, Avinash was asked,  “What are some of the secrets behind your success?”

Simply put, the secret is that I am happy. I believe that when one is happy, one automatically attracts success. Because the truth is that happiness is a magnet for success and the fuel for success. And I feel this works because when we have the positive energy of happiness, we can focus our efforts on delivering more and more value to others. That is true success.”

Avinash’s goal has been to help others work towards 360 degrees of happiness.

The concept of 360 degrees happiness is that one should aim to be happy in all six areas of life: psychological, spiritual, physiological, material, social and professional. Being unhappy in one area will eventually lead to imbalance and disharmony in other areas.

We all know people who are happy in their relationships but not in their finances. Such a state is bound to adversely affect their relationship one day. Or we know of materially successful people who are unfulfilled in their psychological, social or spiritual lives and end up with physiological problems or worse. The secret then is balance, or harmony or what Avinash calls alignment. This is true happiness. Success is just a by-product.

According to Avinash  Ananda, the definition of happiness is alignment – or harmony – within oneself, between oneself and the outer world, and with reality. Alignment within oneself is in harmony with what one wants, feels, thinks, says, does and knows. When one can align these faculties, you eliminate conflict and thus are happy.

Alignment with others comes from acceptance, being non-judgemental, open to varying perspectives, and finding common goals and values. Alignment with reality happens when we stop fooling ourselves and begin to see things as they are, accept what we cannot change, and take the responsibility to develop our capabilities to change what we can change to make things better, grow and work with optimism towards achieving our goals. Conflict is unhappiness. Alignment or harmony is happiness.

Avinash Ananda says, ” I believe, through my experiences, that human beings have immense untapped greatness that could be fully developed through blending the best of the eastern and western approaches to human potential optimization. I created a system of using happiness strategies to achieve greater success at individual and team levels. I called it Meta Mind Alignment, an expression of this belief.”

So far, Avinash has been training mostly corporate executives through his workshops and celebrities through his coaching sessions. We hope his teachings will reach the common man, and talks are on for him to digitize his powerful content to teach happiness to the world and achieve his mission to ” Make Happiness Go Viral!”

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