Growth Gravy and KiteTalks Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Sports Brands in the Digital Sphere


Panaji, (Goa) [India], February 6: Growth Gravy, an experienced social media agency, and KiteTalks, a dynamic sports company, are proud to announce their strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the digital presence of sports brands. This collaboration will see the formation of a dedicated sports-specific social media agency poised to empower sports teams, leagues, management organizations, athletes, and brands to achieve unprecedented success in the online world.

About the Partnership:

Growth Gravy, boasting eight years of expertise in the digital marketing world, is joining forces with KiteTalks to create a unique agency tailored to the specific needs of the sports industry. This partnership seeks to provide comprehensive digital solutions to enhance online engagement and visibility for sports brands. The agency will operate under the Growth Gravy banner with the able leadership of its founder, Viresh Vazirani, and sports marketing specialist, Arup Soans.

The agency is fully optimized to meet the unique needs of sports clients. Offerings include:

  • Social Media Management: Crafting impactful online presence strategies for athletes and sports organizations.
  • Content Production: From live event coverage to engaging reels, shorts, and post-production animation, bringing every sports story to life.
  • Content Marketing: Expertise in influencer management, targeted content creation, topic-specific research, and captivating drone commercials.
  • Sponsored Ads: Elevating brands through landing page design, ad campaign optimization, lead generation, and seamless conversion funnels.

These services represent just a glimpse of the comprehensive offerings. Aimed to stand as a beacon in the sports marketing realm, combining innovation and strategy to propel athletes and sports brands to new heights. The agency is already working with existing sports clients such as Baichung Bhutia Football Schools, Southern Super Stars (Legends League Cricket), Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, and Chennai Quick Guns (Ultimate Kho Kho).

Key Highlights:

Expert Team: The collaboration brings together a team of over 40 seasoned experts, each with a rich background working with renowned names in the sports industry, including FIFA, MotoGP, Chelsea, Austswim, Indian Premier League, Major League Soccer, and more.

Proven Track Record:

Growth Gravy’s impressive portfolio features collaborations with global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Paytm Money, JW Marriott, The International Film Festival of India, and Ford, showcasing their ability to drive growth and engagement.

Exclusive Focus:

With a commitment to excellence, Growth Gravy is opening its doors to a select number of clients, ensuring personalized attention from industry experts, founders, and a capable team to meet unique goals.

Innovative Content Strategies:

Clients can expect tailored and creative content strategies designed to captivate audiences and drive exceptional results on social media platforms.

Quotes from Founders:

Arup Soans, Founder of KiteTalks, stated, “We are excited about this collaboration and the immense value it will bring to sports brands seeking to dominate the digital landscape. Our combined expertise and passion for sports will undoubtedly elevate the online presence of our clients.”

Viresh Vazirani, Founder of Growth Gravy, added, “The partnership with KiteTalks aligns perfectly with our mission to provide unmatched social media solutions. We look forward to bringing our creativity and experience to the sports industry, helping clients achieve their digital objectives.”

About KiteTalks:

Aimed at creating an interactive platform both online and offline for the exchange of ideas and learnings between the Indian and global sports community, KiteTalks is paving the way for business decisions and investments leading to industry growth in India and abroad. Enabling sports professionals to experience focussed and curated content as well as learnings from global game-changers. Apart from instilling confidence and sharing knowledge, the community will be equipped to work with a ‘Big Goal’ mindset and international perspective. Leveraging unique access to industry leaders and influencers who represent organizations like FIFA, NFL, MLB, MLS, DAZN, ESPN, Barclays Center, Heineken, KKR, NYU, IIS, JFA, DDMC Fortis, LFP, FFF, FFR, Verizon and more.

About Growth Gravy:

With over 8 years of unparalleled expertise, Growth Gravy stands as the premier social media agency in Goa, consistently delivering exceptional digital solutions to a diverse clientele. Boasting a proven track record, the agency has successfully partnered with over 250 clients from across the country, establishing itself as a trusted name in the industry. The foundation of Growth Gravy’s success lies in its dedicated team of over 40 experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. As the go-to agency for innovative social media strategies, Growth Gravy continues to set the standard for excellence in the digital realm.


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