The Tiger Diaries: Chronicles of Nayona Nag’s Passion for India’s Majestic Beasts


New Delhi (India), June 18: Under the leadership of Mr. Syed Arshad, BlueRose Publishers is pleased to announce the publication of another book. The book is an author-illustrated child’s imagination about animals and other things. Writing the novel at a young age, she likes to read school books and literature from different libraries. 

Nayona Nag, a vivacious 16-year-old from New Delhi, has been deeply passionate about India’s national animal, the tiger, since the tender age of ten. Her fascination with these majestic creatures led her to explore school libraries, immersing herself in books, photographs, and newspaper snippets about tigers. She compiled these clippings in her cherished Tiger Diaries, providing animated commentaries and dreaming about the regal beasts and India’s lush jungles. 

Between the ages of 10 and 12, Nayona penned The Tiger Diaries, capturing her profound love and admiration for tigers. Her dedication to writing has earned her the prestigious Queen’s Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition twice. She has also contributed numerous articles to the student newspapers of The Times of India and Hindustan Times. Her compelling story about the tigress Collarwali was published on

Nayona’s passion for wildlife extends beyond writing. She founded the website “Stories Of Our Soil,” an environmental platform focusing on India’s wildlife and natural ecosystems. An avid Western Classical violinist and history enthusiast, Nayona is a proud member of her school’s Senior Student Council. 

Reflecting on her journey, Nayona shares, “It’s an unparalleled feeling to see my childhood unfold again in the form of The Tiger Diaries. It’s an apt conclusion to this wonderful and magnificent animal that I’m fascinated with.”

Nayona vividly recalls the moments she realized her calling as a writer. “When I would read articles about the tiger in the newspaper at school, cut the articles out, rush home, and pour my heart into my journal, I knew I had to be a writer. I felt so strongly about the beast and had so much to express about the daily news on tigers.”

The Tiger Diaries offers readers glimpses into the world of Sumatran, Siberian, and the Royal Bengal Tigers. The book delves into the dense foliage of Indian jungles, sharing tales of famous tigers like Machli, Collarwali, Avni, Zalim T25, and Dollar. Nayona’s journey from sixth to eighth grade is documented with newspaper cuttings and lively commentaries, inviting young readers to laugh, wonder, and feel passionately about the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Nayona hopes to inspire urban dwellers and young readers to appreciate the Indian jungles and their inhabitants. She emphasizes the importance of understanding human-tiger conflicts, development, tourism, eco-tourism, tribal welfare, local economies, and the delicate ecological balance. Nayona believes that seeing these issues through the eyes of a 12-year-old can bring a fresh perspective. 

Besides her love for tigers, Nayona enjoys Minecraft animations, playing the violin, and spending time with friends. Her next literary venture is a book on Egypt for teens, highlighting her love for history and travel. 

Nayona encourages aspiring writers to pour their hearts out without holding back. “Just make a start, and you’ll see how easily the expressions and feelings flow. In a world often tone-deaf to real issues and challenges, writing and expressing oneself is profoundly impactful and therapeutic. Researching for a book makes the journey even more scintillating and adventurous.”

Nayona Nag’s The Tiger Diaries is a testament to her passion and dedication, offering readers a unique and heartfelt exploration of India’s majestic tigers and the beautiful jungles they inhabit. ROAR! 

BlueRose Publishers’ commitment to nurturing literary talent and promoting groundbreaking works is exemplified in their support of authors like Nayona Nag. As they continue to push the boundaries of literature, their dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive literary landscape remains unwavering.

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